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Titolo: Galassie come granelli di sabbia
Messaggio di: waferdi il 13 Ottobre 2016, 19:09:28

Dall'ultima notizia del sito Hubblesite sembra che il numero delle galassie, stimato in 100 miliardi, sia risultato di almeno 10 volte minore.
Calcolate un pò voi il numero delle stelle. [IMG]http://www.uraniamania.com/images/s_shock.gif[/IMG]

[SIZE=4][COLOR=#666666][B]Hubble Reveals Observable Universe Contains 10 Times More Galaxies Than Previously Thought[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=4] In Arthur C. Clarke's novel "2001: A Space Odyssey," astronaut David Bowman exclaims, "My God, it's full of stars!" before he gets pulled into an alien-built wormhole in space. When the Hubble Space Telescope made its deepest views of the universe, astronomers might have well exclaimed: "My God, it's full of galaxies!" The Hubble Ultra Deep Field, for example, revealed 10,000 galaxies of various shapes, sizes, colors, and ages, all within an area roughly one-tenth the diameter of the full moon. What's mind-blowing is that these myriad galaxies, though plentiful, may represent merely 10 percent of the universe's total galaxy population. That's according to estimates from a new study of Hubble's deep-field surveys. The study's authors came to the staggering conclusion that at least 10 times more galaxies exist in the observable universe than astronomers thought. This result places the universe's estimated population at, minimally, 2 trillion galaxies.

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